Our dogs are not only show dogs of course.

The first - they are perfect family dogs, nice dogs for training and just ideal for people with active lifestyles.

Clingstone's With That "Dina"

owner Isa Laakso

trains obedience


photos by Miranda Mäki


Clingstone's Me Myself and I "Hertta"

owner Anni Pohjola

Finnish agility champion, competes in obedience open class, agility 3st class, trains tracking and herding

photos by Annina Eskola

Clingstone´s Polka Dot "Penni"

trains tracing

owner Niina Jäntti

photos by Niina Jäntti, Emmi Seppänen, Eini Aho

Clingstone's What A Wonder "Lumi"

Clingstone's Alice In Wonderland "Halla"

TK1, TK2, BH

train obedience and agility, compete frisbee

owner Kaisa Onnela-Ranta

Clingstone`s Forecasted "Aada"

trains obedienc and herding

owner Elena Zaytseva

Clingstone's Fairytail "Maisa"

Maisa is trained mold detection dog. Mold detection dog is a fast and a cost efficient way to seek and locate indoor mold problems. Maisa has been trained in a similar way as Finnish police

owner Emilia Seppälä

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