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09.09.2019 updated: NEWS>>>

11.07.2019 updated: NEWS >>>

27.05.2019 updated: NEWS>>>

21.03.2019 updated: NEWS>>>Litter C new pictures >>> 

27.02.2019 updated: New page Clingstone`s  Case For You>>> NEWS>>>

03.02.2019 updated: CLINGSTONE`S READY OR NOT now competes on agility 3rd class>>>

24.12.2018 updated:    NEW LITTER  "С">>>

11.08.2018 updated: Clingstone`s Rick Rolled new pictures>>>

Clingstone`s Lap Dog new pictures >>>

30.07.2018 updated: NEWS>>>Clingstones Make My Day  new pictures>>>
14.05.2018 updated: Clingstone`s Ready Or Not >>>

13.05.2018 updated: NEWS>>>, Clingstone`s Rick Rolled>>>

08.03.2018: CRUFTS 2018>>>

19.01.2018 updated: Clingstone`s Make The Point >>>, Clingstone`s Fair Play>>>

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